Reasons your home isn’t selling

Has your home been on the market for a while? Here are the top 9 reasons your home isn’t selling.

Pricing: The most important factor

Every home can sell, it just needs the right price

You may think your home is worth a certain amount but in reality it may not be. Buyers will look at other homes in the area and see how your home compares. It is key to price your home right from day 1 because homes typically receive the most interest in the first 21 days. In the end, your home is only worth what someone is willing to pay.

Ignoring recommendations from agents

Before placing your home on the market your agent can provide you with tips on how to get your home “Sell Ready”. Once on the market, your agent can provide you with feedback from other agents and clients. Often sellers ignore this advice when they are too emotionally attached to their home.

Lack of staging

The goal is to highlight your homes best features …Before placing your home on the market before sure to…

  • Know your audience
  • Remove clutter
  • Pick the right colors
  • Clean
  • Have curb appeal

You stayed for the showing

If a potential buyer is reviewing your home, be sure to remove you, your family and your pets. Many sellers believe they are being helpful by staying and pointing things out. In reality though, it is awkward for the buyer. They feel rushed, watched and like they cannot speak openly about their likes and dislikes. In regards to your pet, while to you they may be family, potential home buyers can be turned off by them.

Lack of repairs

Every home how it downside, some homes need more work than others. Be aware though, if your home needs major work, the price most reflect that. If maintenance problems are found during the inspection, you may lose the sale.

Bad photography

In today’s real estate market most people view homes online before ever stepping foot inside the home. You might have an amazing home for sale but if the photos are bad, you can lose buyers. Before taking photos make sure your home is open house ready and the person behind the camera knows what they are doing.

Unique Taste

As stated in my pervious blog ” How To Stage For A Quick Sale” , now is not the time to experiment with that fun looking lime green color. There is nothing wrong with having taste outside of the normal but when your home is on the market, it is best to go neutral. Some buyers have a hard time looking past easy fixes such as paint color.

If you decided to make a renovation that people would not expect ( such as turning that spare bedroom into a huge closet) it is recommended that you undo those changes.

Wrong Agent

Picking the right agent is key in selling your home. Before hiring a agent, ask them about their marketing plan for your home. You want an agent who is competent, experienced and honest. Ask friends but interview them for yourself. Just because a agent was the right fit for your friend does not mean they will be for you. Don’t base your decision on how much they will charge you , not all agents are created equal.

Too much you in the home

Buyers want to see their future home not yours. De-personalize the house as much as possible. Remove photos, diplomas, and children’s art.

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